Skill 3: Welcoming Others

imageWhen when pass a stranger on the street and happen to catch their glance, what do they see? A Welcome Mat or a Keep Out Sign? A smile or a frown?

Did you know that only one in three strangers you cross paths with will smile at you? Are you one of those three?

Your smile might be the most powerful nonverbal behavior you can show to initiate connection with another human being, whether it’s a brief exchange of smiles while crossing the street or welcoming someone into a long conversation at a social gathering.

Plus, there is research suggesting that the mere act of you smiling can actually make you feel more happy yourself. So whether your smile is returned or not, your welcome mat will brighten your own day.

The next time you’re strolling down the street, walking in the mall, or riding your bike, smile to every person you see. Try it for just three minutes and see what happens. The results just might bring a smile to your heart.

So return to the world, set out your Welcome Mat, and put on a smile.


Strength and honor.