Skill 1. Enlarging Others

You either ENLARGE or DIMINISH others during every interaction you have in the course of a day. Whether it’s with a family member, neighbor, coworker, and even the cashier at the corner store, you make people feel a little better or a little worse by your words and actions.

Think about it. With the words and actions you choose, you will bring a little more life or a little more death to others.

A welcoming smile or a subtle frown? A warm hello or a downcast glance? An encouraging word or a sarcastic remark? Small things, really. But they can change the course of a conversation and maybe even a life.

You can actually choose to speak life into those you come into contact with today, with a cheerful hello to a stranger, a listening ear for a colleague, an encouraging word to a loved one, or a gesture of appreciation to a friend. Your choice. It always is.

Now return to the world and be a source of life.

Skill: ENLARGE OTHERS with your words and actions.

Strength and honor…