Skill 12. Probing Questions

  Like a flashlight in a dark cave, probing questions can let you see and discover more about any topic being shared by a person during conversation.

Probing questions request additional information about the topic being shared by the speaker. It’s the most power communication tool you have to help the speaker explore, develop, and reflect upon the topic they’re sharing with you.

“I was feeling good about my life until I graduated from college.”
(Your probe) “What things changed after college?”

“You don’t help me out as much as you should.”
(Your probe) “How can I support you more?

By using probing questions, rather than giving evaluation, advice, or rebuttal, you encourage the speaker to explore and develop their thoughts and feelings.

Now return to the world and ask questions that will shed light.

SKILL: USE PROBING QUESTIONS to discover more information.

Strength and honor.