Skill 15. Complimenting Others

Compliments are like gifts. They can communicate acknowledgement, appreciation, and even affection. And compliments can be more impactful, memorable, and inspirational than any material gift.

We men should consider giving more compliments, because they’re not normally messages we communicate.

There are wives, spouses, sons, and daughters who rarely hear a compliment from the men who matter most in their lives. Don’t be that man. Compliment others, often.

Be on the lookout for things to compliment in others—appearance, accomplishment, personality, character traits, effort, loyalty, intelligence, humor, understanding, patience, wit, integrity, honesty, charm, and thoughtfulness to name a few.

Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on one compliment.”

Now return to the world and speak life into others. Be generous with your gifts of compliments.

Skill: COMPLIMENT OTHERS, generously.

Strength and honor.