Skill 18. Praising Others

  Do you ever praise people behind their backs? Singing their praises to others when they’re not even present? Like passing out trophies at an Awards Banquet, do you enjoy saying nice things about a person to others, even when when they’re not in the room? Look for the good in people and share those praises with others.

Highlight an achievement of a co-worker, brag about your dad or mom, praise the character of your best friend, share something admirable about your girlfriend or wife, and make a big deal over your kid’s third place ribbon.

Anyone can talk negatively about someone behind their backs, but it takes a confident, generous man to praise others to people. Be that man. And who knows, your praises just might make their way back to you know who.

That reminds me of my friend, Paul Sanders, who knows me better than any pal I have and he still loves and supports me through the decades. I wish you all had a friend like Paul. Just thought I’d tell you…

Now return to the world and start passing out those trophies of praise. Don’t hold on to them. Pass them out by singing the praises of others.

Skill: PRAISE OTHERS behind their backs.

Strength and honor.