Skill 19. Communicating Nonverbally

  The old saying that “Actions speak louder than words,” is supported by communication research. What you do is much more impactful and meaningful that what you say. A number of research studies suggest that 90% or more of the meaning we derive during a conversation is determined by nonverbal communication!

Nonverbal communication is all communication that is not spoken or written.

It includes your posture, facial expressions, body movements, physical objects, hand gestures, vocal tones, rate of speech, clothing, use of time, handwriting, jewelry, hugging, eye contact, your presence or absence, your use of space, artifacts, rituals, smile, architecture, food, and the list goes on and on…

It’s one thing to say “I love you” with a lifeless sigh, subtle smirk, and crossed arms. And it’s quite another to say “I love you” whispered softly into the ear, followed by a flirtatious smile, tight hug, and closed eyes. See and feel the difference? Be aware of the nonverbal signals you send whenever you interact with others. And pay special attention to the nonverbal communication behavior of others.

Now return to the world and read between, above, beneath, and besides the words being spoken in your daily conversations.

Skill: COMMUNICATE NONVERBALLY with all your body.

Strength and honor.