Skill 22. Speaking Warmly

  Your voice is one of your most distinctive characteristics as a person. In many ways your voice defines you. Is it harsh or gentle? Loud or soft? Fast or slow? High or low? Is your voice soothing or grating? Enthusiastic or lazy?

Whether you like your voice or not, there are three things you can do to speak in a warmer and more friendly tone of voice.

First, SLOW DOWN. A rapid rate of speech makes most listeners fatigued or anxious. Take a breath and speak at a slower rate.

Second, SMILE. If you smile when you’re speaking, your voice will sound more warm and friendly, every time. A smile changes the actual structure of your mouth and the tension on your vocal chords.

Third, USE VOCAL VARIETY. Vary your rate, pitch, and volume. This will prevent you from sounding monotone and boring. Take a breath, relax, and speak in a voice that welcomes others.

Now return to the world and bring joy to others with your voice.

Skill: SPEAK in a way that WELCOMES OTHERS ..

Strength and honor.