Skill 23. Touching Others

  I know what you’re thinking. You’re not really a “touchy-feely” kind of guy… But if you aren’t, maybe you should be.

The touch of your hand can bring comfort, strength, and even inspiration to others. A soft pat on the arm, a gentle hand on a shoulder, and even the guiding pressure of your hand on someone’s back can communicate encouragement, reassurance, and motivation in ways that words cannot.

Researchers have discovered that when you touch someone, there are chemical, electrical, and even emotional exchanges that can be measured. You actually influence the physical body of another person by your touch.

Of course, be sensitive and appropriate in your touching. If you’re unsure if your touch will be welcomed, don’t touch. Better safe than sorry. But most of the time touching can offer a more powerful form of connection and support than words will ever provide.

Now return to the world, reach out, and touch someone.

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Strength and honor.