Skill 24. Showing You Care

   “Talk’s cheap, watch behavior.” That’s a popular saying in collegiate and professional sports training camps. Anyone can talk a good game, but can he perform?

Can YOU perform? Especially when it comes to communicating that you care. Here are just a few ways you can nonverbally show you care without uttering a word:

Build a deck for an old neighbor, give a bouquet of flowers, write a thank you card, be punctual, massage a back, give a gift, hug, kiss, pick up someone’s mess, deliver a meal, listen without interrupting, smile, nod in agreement, make the bed, take out the garbage, clear the table, wash the dishes, sweep the driveway, run an errand, clean the bathroom, do what you’re told, hum a love song, put a chocolate on the pillow, be on time, give someone space to breathe, don’t talk during a movie, turn off your cell phone in the movies, turn off your cell phone on your wedding night, let someone take cuts in front of you at Costco, make a photo album for your spouse, write a love letter, and send this web link to a friend.

It’s your turn to brainstorm a few other nonverbal ways to communicate caring.

Now return to the world and put one or two of these suggestions to use. Don’t just talk about. Do it!


Strength and honor.