Skill 28. Brainstorming Solutions

  Not one possible solution, but two or three. Maybe more. That’s the secret to solving problems, making creative decisions, and resolving differences with others.

To be willing to go beyond the usual or expected solution and put effort into generating a a lot of new ideas.

BRAINSTORMING is a technique for generating ideas WITHOUT evaluation.

Here are four brainstorming rules:
No Evaluation. Just jot down ideas on your paper.
Be Quick. No justification. No stories. Five seconds per idea.
Wilder The Better. Think outside the box and beyond.
Quantity, Not Quality. The idea is to have lots of ideas.

Try Brainstorming for the next two minutes by yourself. Get a pencil, paper, and paper clip. Here’s the task: Brainstorm as many possible uses for a paper clip as possible. Follow the four guidelines above. Ready. Set. Go!

Did you brainstorm 10-20 ideas? In two minutes you should be able to brainstorm one idea every 5 seconds. Try brainstorming again with another object. Your speed will increase as you open your mind and release the wild man inside.

Now return to the world and be the source of at least 20 ideas per problem. Your future problem-solving efforts will benefit from your brainstorming efforts.

Skill: Use your BRAINSTORMING TECHNIQUE and go wild .

Strength and honor.