Skill 29. Solving Problems

  Duke Ellington believed that, “Every problem is an opportunity to do our finest work.” The next time you have a conflict with another person, try reframing it as an opportunity to listen to another side, demonstrate flexibility, and grow in maturity.

The key word in your attempts to solve problems in relationships is consensus. Consensus = A method for reaching decisions without voting.
The test for consensus = “Can you live with this solution for a period of time?”

Notice that the solution might not be the person’s “first choice” and the solution isn’t permanent. Just for a period of time, then you both can re-evaluate.

Here’s the ABC Consensus Technique for solving problems:

1. ANALYZE the Problem. Ask the who, why, what, and how questions.
2. BRAINSTORM 10 Solutions. Brainstorm and consider 10 possible solutions.
3. CONSENSUS on the best solution.

Test for Consensus = “Can you live with this solution for a period of time?”

Now return to the world and use the ABC TECHNIQUE if problems need to be solved.

Skill: Use the ABC TECHNIQUE when the waters get rough. .

Strength and honor.