Skill 3. Taking The First Step

  Every conversation begins with a first step—a step towards another person. That person might be a family member, acquaintance, coworker, neighbor, or even a stranger.

And the conversation could focus on sports, relationships, motorcycles, forgiveness, or maybe just passing time. Whatever it is, every conversation begins by walking towards another person.

It doesn’t begin by walking away or staying where you are. It begins by taking that first step. You could wait and see if the other person steps towards you first, but that might never happen.

By taking that first step towards conversation today, you are traveling in the direction of your greatest joy in this lifetime, connection with others. And at the end of your life, that’s what will matter—your relationships.

Life is short. Take a risk. Now return to the world and journey to others.

Skill: TAKE THE FIRST STEP towards others.

Strength and honor.