Skill 30. Asking For Forgiveness

  We all make mistakes and hurt others with our words and actions. But we men often have a difficult time admitting we’re wrong, apologizing, and asking for forgiveness. As a result, our relationships can become crippled and even die as a result. Sometimes you need to raise the white flag and admit you’re wrong.

The next time you hurt someone’s feelings with your word or actions, try the AAA Technique—Admit, Apologize, and Ask.

Admit you’re wrong: “I was wrong.”
Apologize: “I’m sorry.”
Ask for Forgiveness: “And would you forgive me?”

The entire process takes less than 10-seconds.

“I was wrong for making fun of you and I’m really sorry. Would you forgive me?”
“I was wrong for not calling you to say I’d be late and I’m sorry. Would you forgive me?”

It takes a real man to admit being wrong and apologizing. It’s a taste of heaven when that man asks for forgiveness too. Be that man when you mess up.

Now return to the world and ask for forgiveness if the occasion arises.


Strength and honor.