Skill 31. Praying for Others

   There may come a time when an acquaintance, friend, or loved one is facing an overwhelming challenge or crisis and nothing seems to be humanly possible to overcome the present trouble.

Maybe that’s the time to pray. If you’re willing to pray for the person, you might try the 10-second Triple R Prayer—Reframe, Request, Reveal.

Reframe – reframe hopeless situation to heavenly perspective
Request – state prayer request briefly
Reveal – ask that God reveals his love for the person

Here are two sample Triple R Prayers:

“Lord, creator of the universe, heal Bob’s marriage, but more importantly, reveal your great love for him today. Amen”

“God, you can do anything, and I pray that you bring peace to Jennifer’s heart, and show your love and concern for her in the days to come. Amen”

There are times when prayer is the only way to convey the message you desire. Be a man who prays for others.

Now return to the world and pray for a friend in need.


Strength and honor.