Skill 6. Stating A Need

   It’s been said that, “You have not, because you ask not.” And that’s so true for us men. We don’t like to raise our hand and ask for help. But sometimes we need to. One way to receive assistance from others is to state a need—to actually ask for help.

You simply ask the person, “MAY I STATE A NEED?”

Almost always, the response will be, “Sure,” “Of course,” or “Well, I guess.” If they refuse your request, remind them that you want to STATE a need, NOT that they have to grant the need. Once they agree, you state your need in one sentence. Be brief.

May I state a need?”
“Yes, I guess you can.”
I need to end this conversation in three minutes and say good-bye.”

“May I state a need?”
“We’ll, that depends..”
“I”m only asking if I can state a need, not that you have to say yes.”
“Okay, state your need.”
I need you to support our efforts to spend less money.”

If people know what you need, they’re more likely to give it to you. Not always, but at least your need is on the table and the discussion can begin. Ask. You just might get.

Now return to the world and ask to state a need.


Strength and honor