Skill 8: Owning Your Statements

imageStand behind your opinions, feelings, and beliefs. Take ownership of your thoughts and emotions by using I-statements. Sign on the dotted line.

An I-Statement is any statement where you declare yourself as the source of the thought or feeling by using words like I, my, or me.

“I think…,” “I feel…,” “It’s my opinion that…,” “As for me and my house…,”

We are often reluctant to own our statements, so instead, we use phrases like “Everyone thinks…,” “Most people would feel…,” and “All my friends believe…,” enabling us to stand behind the authority and protection of others without owning what we personally think and feel.

Own your thoughts, beliefs, convictions, and feelings by using I-statements that identify you as the source. Sign on the dotted line.¬†As a result, your communication will be more direct and powerful because you’re taking ownership. At least, that’s MY opinion.

So return to the world, own your statements, and see what happens.


Strength and honor.