Skill 8. Self-Monitoring

  Have you ever encountered a guy and noticed how out of step he was with the rest of the group? You might have even thought to yourself, “He doesn’t have a clue.” Just like the guy who doesn’t weigh himself as he slowly gains weight over the years.

And just like that guy, we men aren’t always aware of our own communication behavior. We need to self-monitor our communication—we need to weigh our communication.
Self-Monitoring is your awareness of how you communicate with others.

Here are four variables you should pay attention to DURING any conversation:
Nonverbal? (Nonverbally warm and supportive?)
Open? (Open other person up with questions?)
Talk? (Balance of talk and listening?)
Enlarge? (Enlarging impact on the other person?)

The way you can remember these four questions is to use the word, “NOTE.”
These four words are helpful in keeping you aware of your behavior. Don’t be clueless. Take “NOTE” and pay attention. Now return to the world, monitor yourself, and take note.

Skill: Use SELF-MONITORING to communicate more effectively.

Strength and honor.